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♦  Patol

♦  Indrajava

♦  Kutki

♦  Useful in Ashradhha-Aruchi (tastelessness), Hrillas (nausea), Gaurav (heaviness), Tandra (lassitude).

♦  Reduces Paanduta (anemia), Strotorodha (clears out body channels). It is Malanulomak (clears stagnant Mala), Dipan-Pachan (improves digestive fire), normalizes vitiated Kapaha-Pitta Dosha.

♦  Excellent in thyroid disorders. Reduces Rasadhatu Vikruti and nourishes Rasa Dhatu

♦  Rasapradoshaj Vikar

♦  Thyroid disorders

2 tab twice a day preferably at empty stomach

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