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  • Raktshali (rice)
  • Dry Ginger
  • Saindhav (rock salt)
  • Dry coriander (dhania)

"BrahmaPeya" is traditional Ayurvedic Peya/rice gruel soup that is easy Carminative and Digestive

BrahmaPeya is a very light and nutritive traditional Ayurvedic dietary food recommended when you are recovering from illness and slowly returning to a normal diet.

It helps in increasing appetite, removes weakness, and balances vat, pitta, kapha and mala

  • Post operative care/ sansarjan kram
  • As an intermediate diet in obesity and diabetes/ prameha


1: Add 1tsp of premix in a cup of boiling water

2: Boil and Stir well for 1-2 minutes

3: Your tasty and digestive Peya/Soup is ready

आरोग्यदायी लालतांदूळ रक्तशाली

आरोग्यदायी लालतांदूळ रक्तशाली आयुर्वेदामध्ये धान्याचे वर्गीकरण करताना साधारणपणे पाच गट सांगितलेले आहेत यामध्ये शाली धान्य म्हणजे रक्त शाळी इत्यादी, व्रीही धान्य म्हणजे बाकीचे  गहू यासारखे पदार्थ, शिंबी धान्य म्हणजे मूग, तूर यासारख्या डाळी, त...



Post Covid Recovery Diet KIT

After recovering from every critical illness we all experience many symptoms like weak digestion, acidity (due to medications), gases, etc. Patients who recovered from covid also experience many symptoms like heartburn, weak digestion, and low appeti...



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