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♦  Salai guggul

♦  Nirgundi

♦  Shigru

♦  Haridra

♦  Daruharidra

♦  Saunth

♦  Punarnava

♦  Devdaru

♦  Kapoor

♦  Pudina oil

♦  Devdaru taila

♦  Nilgiri taila

♦  Wintergreen oil

♦  Til taila

  • It is primarily used in Sandhivaat (Osteo-Arthritis).
  • It’s a potent medicine of Shoth (Swellings) It is also used in Muscle Spasm, Sprain& ligament Injury.

♦  Sandhishool.

♦  SarvangShool.

♦  Shoth.

♦  Jarajanya.

♦ Vedana.

♦  Muscle Spasm Sprain.

♦  ligament Injury Inflammatory Joint Pain.

Gentle Massage twice or thrice a day.

आरोग्यदायी लालतांदूळ रक्तशाली

आरोग्यदायी लालतांदूळ रक्तशाली आयुर्वेदामध्ये धान्याचे वर्गीकरण करताना साधारणपणे पाच गट सांगितलेले आहेत यामध्ये शाली धान्य म्हणजे रक्त शाळी इत्यादी, व्रीही धान्य म्हणजे बाकीचे  गहू यासारखे पदार्थ, शिंबी धान्य म्हणजे मूग, तूर यासारख्या डाळी, त...



Post Covid Recovery Diet KIT

After recovering from every critical illness we all experience many symptoms like weak digestion, acidity (due to medications), gases, etc. Patients who recovered from covid also experience many symptoms like heartburn, weak digestion, and low appeti...



It really relieved my Pain.


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