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What is KARCAP

KARCAP is a GMP certified Ayurvedic product in a capsule form which is used for the management of Diabetes and associated symptoms related to carbohydrate metabolism.

Manufactured by Shree Brahmachaitanya Ayurved, Nagpur.

It is totally an Ayurvedic/Herbal products composed of herbs with proved efficacy for diabetes.

It is composed of following herbs per capsules.

Karela (Momordia charantia)

150 mg

Neem (Azadiracta Indica)

75 mg

Gudmar (Gymnema sylvestor)

75 mg

Shu. Guggul (Commifora mukul)

50 mg

Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa)

25 mg

Trikatu (Shunthi, Marich, Pippali)

25 mg


Who should use KARCAP?

Patients with the pre-diabetic syndrome, i.e. who have associated symptoms like weight gain, polyurea, polyphasia, fatigue, etc but have no significant elevated blood sugar level but have borderline levels, means those who are prone to diabetes should take KARCAP capsules for prevention of diabetes.

Also, patients who are freshly diagnosed as a case of Type II DM and those who are already on other hypoglycemic therapies should take KARCAP capsules.

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