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Post Covid Recovery Diet KIT

After recovering from every critical illness we all experience many symptoms like weak digestion, acidity (due to medications), gases, etc. Patients who recovered from covid also experience many symptoms like heartburn, weak digestion, and low appetite, resulting in weakness. Backpain and general body ache are also being observed in most of the recovered patients which lasts for many days to months.

Ayurved has advised specific dietary regimens and protocols to be followed after the recovery called "Sansarjan kram". Specifically, specific food remedies and their specific consuming methods are explained.

The illness itself and medications are taken slows down the digestion and metabolism of the body as it works a lot to digest these high potency medicines. So after recovery from critical symptoms, digestion still requires time to get back to its normal functioning.

This is the stage where if we make hurry to come back to a normal diet despite feeling hungry, our digestion finds it quite difficult to digest and food remains undigested (Aam) and various problems like acidity, gases, constipation can be experienced. So in such conditions, Ayurved has described certain food or dietary remedies to be taken before getting back to a normal diet.

"BrahmaPeya" and "BrahmaYush" of AyuAahar (A food brand of Shree Brahmachaitanya Ayurved) are those remedies. Consuming BrahmaPeya for 3 days (6 annakal) followed by BrahmaYush for the next 3 days slowly fires up the appetite and digestion.

  'BrahmaPeya' is carminative and very light to digest and has sufficient carbohydrates to provide essential energy to the body for metabolism and removes weakness and balances vat, pitta, Kapha, and mala. It also provides essential amino acids required for gut absorption and checks symptoms like loose motions etc due to disturbed gut flora because of high potency antibiotics etc.


   'BrahmaYush' is also an easy digestive remedy with highly nutritive values. It contains carbohydrates as well as natural proteins which helps in the nourishment of tissues and meets necessary energy demands in weak digestion. It also increases the body's ability to absorb iron and other minerals. BrahmaYush is dhatu-poshak and paushtik. 

Both BrahmaPeya and BrahmaYush are instant premixes that are very tasty and easy to prepare. All patients recovered from Covid or even during the Covid must consume this for faster recovery and digestive wellness and immunity.


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